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Author Topic: Application Of South Yarea  (Read 26 times)


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Application Of South Yarea
« on: September 15, 2022, 06:57:17 pm »
1. What's your Nation Name in Hive?
Answer: Republic Of South Yarea
2. What's your WA Nation Name? (if any)
Answer: Republic Of South Yarea
3. Are you known by any other names within the realm of Nationstates?
Answer: No
4. What other regions are you affiliated with? (If any)
Answer: Just This Region (Hive)
5. Have you ever been convicted of any IC crimes in other regions, Have you ever got punished for OOC reasons in other regions?
Answer: No
6. Why do you want to join Hive?
Answer: Roleplay And Guilds
7. Which Guild(s) are you interested in joining? (Make a "x" beside the Guild(s) you are interested in joining)
Information Guild [ ]
Culture Guild

Diplomats Guild [ ]
Recruiters Guild [ ]
8. What's your Discord Username? (If any) [example:- Warrior#0528]
Answer: Cwzuek#9849
9. Tell us a little bit about yourself (optional)
I Am From Brazil And This Country Is Already a Created Country In The Internet, I Just Take The Informations And Fullfill Others
Sign this Pledge,
I, [Cwzuek] hereby pledge my allegiance to the Order of Hive

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