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Author Topic: Map Claim  (Read 49 times)

Pur Munisgum

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Map Claim
« on: June 01, 2022, 04:35:33 am »
1. What's your Nation Name in Hive?
Answer: The Federal Republic of Pur Munisgum.
2. What do you mean by Godmodding?
Answer:- Godmodding is when you make an undefeatable op character.
3. What do you mean by Metagaming?
Answer: Metagaming uses real-life knowledge to determine what your character should do.
4. Do you have any prior experience in Roleplaying outside or inside Nationstates?
Answer:- I do not have any roleplaying experience. Hoping to learn by joining here.
5. Have you read the Roleplay Rules of Hive and pledge to follow them?
Answer:- Yes.
6. What's your Discord Username? (If any) [example:- Warrior#0528]
Answer:- I'dhakyan Monhi#2883
7. Tell us a little bit about your RP Nation.
Answer:- The Federal Republic of Pur Munisgum is a new nation that strives to enrich its citizens and keep to its roots of having high political freedoms and civil rights. Pur Munisgun wishes to work with other nations to meet this goal.
8. Please show us the amount of land you would like to claim in the Map. The territory must not exceed a 5x5 square grid (the map is divided into squares for your convenience). You can't claim oceans and the southernmost polar region of the map.
Could I get the island chain Chakrika Ocean? If I can't get all of the island chains, go ahead and give me the amount you can. I attached a JPG file of a snapshot of what I am writing about.

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