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Author Topic: Map Claim, Please  (Read 50 times)


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Map Claim, Please
« on: May 07, 2022, 06:16:10 am »
1. What's your Nation Name in Hive?
Answer:- ABeeC
2. What do you mean by Godmodding?
Answer:- Uh... for me, I define Godmodding as insanely high stats or unrealistic RP where you never take a L, even for the sake of a healthy, dynamic, and interesting campaign.
3. What do you mean by Metagaming?
Answer:- Not too sure. Not heard of that term before, being honest.
4. Do you have any prior experience in Roleplaying outside or inside Nationstates?
Answer:- Loosely. Like, I'm not super into it.. but I do enjoy being involved and seeing world come to together. <3
5. Have you read the Roleplay Rules of Hive and pledge to follow them?
Answer:- Always. <3
6. What's your Discord Username? (If any) [example:- Warrior#0528]
Answer:- Cretanja#4039
7. Tell us a little bit about your RP Nation.
Answer:- Isolationist, Self Sustainability Orientated, Socialist, etc. 
8. Please show us the amount of land you would like to claim in the Map.
-Island chain in Magni Inter <3

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