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Claim Map


1. What's your Nation Name in Hive?
Answer:-Imperio Uramico
2. What do you mean by Godmodding?
Answer:-I really don't know what it is
3. What do you mean by Metagaming?
Answer:-Bein able to analyze the data and choose the best options
4. Do you have any prior experience in Roleplaying outside or inside Nationstates?
Answer:-Yes, especially in country management strategy games like: ege of history 2 and Victorian2
5. Have you read the Roleplay Rules of Hive and pledge to follow them?
6. What's your Discord Username? (If any) [example:- Warrior#0528]
7. Tell us a little bit about your RP Nation.
Answer:- My country is the Uremic empire and it is communist I think of science, education, economy and industry
8. Please show us the amount of land you would like to claim in the Map. The territory must not exceed a 5x5 square grid (the map is divided into squares for your convenience). You can't claim oceans and the southernmost polar region of the map.
Answer:- I want the west part of the north island over "Ostalosta"


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